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  C HRISTIAN                                                      Dr. Don Ott
  P SYCHOLOGICAL                                            Evangelist & Psychologist
  R ESOURCES                                                    Russellville, Arkansas, USA
Professional Mental Healthcare with Christian Compassion Since 1994.   
2002: Preaching in Rural Villages--INDIA.
2002: New Christians Baptized in INDIA.
2011:  Marriage Seminar Participants--Ubay, Bohol, PHILIPPINES.
2011:  Cross over Skyline of Sydney, AUSTRALIA
2011:  Marriage Seminar--Ubay, Bohol, PHILIPPINES
2011:  Don with Carbonilla Family in Ubay, Bohol, PHILIPPINES
2008:  Reggie Thomas and White Fields Team--Monrovia, Liberia, AFRICA.
2000:  Teaching Marriage and Family Life--Monrovia, Liberia, AFRICA.
2011:  Marriage Seminar in Bacolod, Negros, PHILIPPINES
2011:  Teaching in Bacolod, Negros, PHILIPPINES
2011:  Don with Kangaroos in Sydney AUSTRALIA
2010:  Leadership Development Seminar--Gonaives, HAITI.
2010:  White Fields Haiti Coordinators Sainsurin and Francius--Gonaives, HAITI.
2010:  CUBA BIBLE INSTITUTE Coordinators
2009:  Leadership Development Seminar at Icthus Christian Academy--Ubay, Bohol, PHILIPPINES.
2009:  Seminar Participants,  Ubay, Bohol,  PHILIPPINES
2008:  Teaching in LIBERIA
2006:  With Kurdish Pastors in IRAQ
2007:  Ocean Baptism--Havana Bay, CUBA.
2011:  Don Ott & Doug Willis--Sydney, AUSTRALIA.
2005:  Otts and Todds at Crossview Building Dedication--Fort Smith, Arkansas.
1992:  First Mission to Moscow, RUSSIA with Cecil Todd and Revival Fires.
1993:  Second Mission to CHINA with Reggie Thomas and White Fields Overseas Evangelism.
2004:  Preaching in Moscow, RUSSIA
1988--2020:  Taught for Mid-South Christian College--Memphis, Tennessee.
2004--2022:  Preached for River Valley Christian Church--London, Arkansas.
1964:  Baptized into Christ by First Christian Church--Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
1967:  Preached First Sermon to First Christian Church--De Witt, Arkansas.
1967: Co-Champion Kiamichi Preacher Boy--Honobia, Oklahoma.
1968:  Ordained to Christian Ministry by First Christian Church--Flippin, Arkansas.
1976:  Bachelor of Sacred Literature Degree from Ozark Bible College--Joplin, Missouri.
1970--1977:  Preached for Albert Pike (Crossview) Christian Church--Fort Smith, Arkansas.
1977:  Ordained to Specialized Ministry as an Evangelist by Albert Pike Christian Church--Fort Smith, Arkansas.
1981:  Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Premedicine from Oral Roberts University--Tulsa, Oklahoma.
1987:  Doctor of Psychology Degree from Biola University, Rosemead School of Psychology--La Mirada, California.
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2023: Icthus Christian Academy; Ubay, Bohol, PHILIPPINES.
2023: Community Christian Church; 36th Anniversary; Tagbilaran City, Bohol, PHILIPPINES.
2023:  Manila Bible Seminary; Quezon City, Luzon, PHILIPPINES.
2023: Baclaran Church of Christ; Manila, Luzon, PHILIPPINES.
2023: Cuba Bible Institute Graduates; Tropical Gardens, Havana, CUBA.
2022: Cuba Bible Institute; Marriage and Family Life; Marianao, Havana, CUBA.
2022: Don and Dane Tyner; El Castillo; Marianao, Havana, CUBA.
2022: Mount of Olives; Jerusalem, ISRAEL.
2022: Don and Johniece at Golgotha or Calvary; Jerusalem, ISRAEL.
2021: World Missions Alliance Medical Team; Mokattam Mountain; Cairo, EGYPT.
2021: Great Sphinx and Great Pyramid; Giza, EGYPT.
1988-2020:  Honored for Teaching 32 Years at Mid-South Christian College; Memphis, Tennessee.
1988--2020:  Plaque Awarded by MSCC for 32 Years of Service.
2021: World Missions Alliance Team; "We Heard the Macedonian Call"; Gevgelija, MACEDONIA.
2019:  World Missions Alliance Team--Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.
2019:  Preaching on Signs of the Times--Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.
2018:  Marriage Maximized Seminar--Mexico, Pampanga, PHILIPPINES.
2018:  Youth Refocused Seminar--Tagbilaran City, Bohol, PHILIPPINES.
2017:  World Mission Builders Bible College--Alburquerque, Bohol, PHILIPPINES.
2016:  Lunch with Gene McCoy, Manuel, and Mercy at Barbarita's Hospedaje--Havana, CUBA.
2016:  New Jerusalem Christian Church--SAINT-MARTIN.
2015:  Vision for Missions Seminar--Bacolod, Negros, PHILIPPINES.
2015: Kangaroo for Lunch with Doug and Loma Willis in Darling Harbor--Sydney, AUSTRALIA..
2014:  58th Anniversary of Crossview Christian Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas with Lowell Mason and Cecil Todd
2014:  Graduates of Mid-South Christian College--Memphis, Tennessee
2014: Don with Dr. Naji Abi Hashem and Pastor Joy Mallouh--Beirut, LEBANON.
2014: Seminar for Meditteranean Bible College, Beirut, LEBANON.
2013:  First Graduates of CUBA BIBLE INSTITUTE--Old Havana, CUBA.
2013: Marriage Maximized Seminar--Bacolod, Negros, PHILIPPINES.
2013 Vision for Missions, Paul and Mary Wilson--Bacolod, Negros, PHILIPPINES.
2013:  CBI with Dr. David Reagan and Interpreter Tamara
2013 Resurrection Lord's Day--Ubay, Bohol, PHILIPPINES.
2013:  Palm Sunday, Rene and Lenny Perez--Tagbilaran, Bohol, PHILIPPINES.
2013: Guest Speaker for Bohol Family Camp, PHILIPPINES.
2013: With the Carbonilla Family on the Rio Verde, Bohol, PHILIPPINES.